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What to Have in Mind When Buying Curtains and Blinds. The choice of curtains and blinds is important during the furnishing of a room. A window is the main point of attention when you get into a room during the day. The furnishing of the windows using curtains and blinds should be done carefully. Crowding of windows with curtain usually brings a dull and cluttered look during the day. If the curtains are also not enough, the window will allow too much light in the room. Therefore, it is good to ensure that you dress your windows appropriately putting into consideration certain vital factors. The article herein discusses some of the factors that you should have in mind when buying curtains and blinds for your home. The color and the pattern of the curtains and blinds are important aspects of having in mind. The colors of the curtain should be able to blend with the colors used on the walls and the furniture. The patterns of the accessories should dictate the pattern of the curtains and blinds that you choose. You should have in mind the effects of the colors on the size of the room; dark colors make rooms look smaller while bright colors make rooms to appear to bigger. Therefore, it is good to ensure that your choose the right color that will blend with the accessories in the room and at the same time give your room to appear as you would wish. The curtain and blinds should match the style of the room. Different houses have different designs of rooms. Modern room looks more attractive when you dress the windows using plain curtains with bright features. Taller rooms can be fitted with curtains that have heavy drapes. The intended purpose of the curtains should also be put into consideration. If they are meant for decoration then style should be the main aspect to look. If they are meant to reduce the amount of light entering the room then they should be made of a heavy fabric with a dull color.
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The curtains should be purchased while considering the accessories that are available. The design of the room should also be match the color of the curtains. Modern homes are usually furnished using either steel or chrome curtain poles. The tie backs should also be in agreement with the design of the curtain. The most common tie backs available are feathers, sequins and ropes.
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The size of the window should be used to determine the size of the curtains. Blinds should perfectly match the window size but curtains should be a bit larger. It is advisable that you should carry the window sizes when going to the curtains and blinds shop.