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IP Telephony and its Advantages.

When it comes to innovative ideas and technological advancement, development in communication technology comes first. They come up with new and innovative ideas every day to make life easier. The need for communication channels that are efficient and affordable has necessitated the need for innovation in the field of communication. Business organizations suffer huge losses if their communication channels are not efficient enough.

IP Telephony is one of the most notable advances that have been made in communication. The group of technologies that use of internet protocol packets to carry voice, data, fax and other information is what is called IP telephony. This is the information that was traditionally relayed over the dedicated circuit – switched connections of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In IP telephony there are no tolls like those in public switched telephone network as the information is shared as packed of data on shared lines. Unlike the traditional telephone service, the government does not regulate the usage of IP telephony. Business communication has seen a major revolution in flexibility and cost – efficiency, thanks to IP telephony. Some of the benefits a business can get from IP telephony include reduced charges and security.

The Hosted VoIP solution allows a business to access a myriad of IP based applications and devices for use in communication. This does not require the business to make a capital investment. It costs a lot less to manage and maintain VoIP hosted services compared to managing and maintaining a traditional telephone service. In addition, IP Telephony carries both data and voice over a single network. This means that the need to invest in communication infrastructure is reduced.

Security is another benefit that businesses get from using IP telephony. Virtual Private Networks provide secure routing and remote access even over public IP networks. This way, the information is as secure as that sent over a private network. Advanced features are another benefit of using IP telephony. IP telephony avails advanced features such as video – conferencing and call management cost – effectively to businesses. IP telephony provides these features, that are equivalent to whet the traditional corporate PBX provided, but now at cost – effective rates. Such advanced features help small and medium enterprises to efficiently run their operations.

IP Telephone also greatly increases the productivity of a business. IP telephony supports several applications and devices which make it possible for the users to work more effectively and efficiently. Collaboration for productivity is made possible through communication over the IP telephony.

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