How A Person With Bad Credit Can Increase Their Score And Qualify For Travel Reward Credit Cards

The vast selection of credit cards providing airline miles that can be used to purchase tickets and pay for travel-related expenses makes them appealing to individuals of all economic backgrounds. The problem is that most of them require an excellent credit rating and can seem impossible to get for individuals with less-than-perfect credit. With a bit of work, anyone can improve their credit score and take advantage of a rewards card that will allow them to spend money and earn lucrative benefits for the purchases they make.

Consider A Credit Freeze

Identity theft and credit card fraud can wreak havoc on a person’s overall score and leave them without the score they need to qualify for a specific card. A credit freeze prevents individuals from being able to pull or access a person’s credit and can be a great way to create peace of mind during the rebuilding process. It is essential to initiate a freeze with all of the major credit bureaus and release the freeze when obtaining new credit in the future.

On-Time Payments

One of the most significant factors that determine a person’s score is their ability to make payments over time. Some consumers believe their credit score will not be affected if they pay a bill within 30 days of a due date, but it can still lead to accounts being flagged as a slow pay. Even one late payment can cause a score to drop by as much as 20 points and prevent a person from qualifying for a new line of credit.

Obtain A New Card

It may seem counterintuitive, but for individuals with poor or no credit, the most straightforward way to boost a score is to obtain a new credit card. Use the card for purchasing gas and groceries and make sure to pay it in full every month. This will show responsibility and that a person is using credit as a means of making a purchase and not to fund a lifestyle they cannot afford.

Though obtaining travel reward credit cards may seem out of reach now, with a little work, anyone can qualify for a great card in as little as six months. Start browsing cards and do things that can increase a person’s creditworthiness to make it easy to take advantage of lucrative reward programs.